Memorable Maxims by Eli Siegel

damned-welcome-cover160px1practically-speaking-coverToday I feature two books: Practically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations on Engineering, Technology and Architecture By C.C. Gaither & Alma E Cavazos-Gaither, because it prints the following maxims from Eli Siegel’s great Damned Welcome: Aesthetic Realism Maxims:


Energy, like grammar, should be used correctly; the unjust expenditure of energy or its unjust withholding should cease immediately.”  (Damned Welcomep. 38)

An idea is an eddy, an island of the mind, connected with a vast mainland.(Damned Welcome, p. 157)

An assumption, as such, is really not more daring than the facts.(Damned Welcomep. 21)

Facts are always whispering, uttering, and shouting advice.(Damned Welcomep. 152)

The facts never give up.”  (Damned Welcomep. 156)